Training Division

Training Division

 Strive for Excellence

The Training Division is tasked with developing and providing instruction to all members of the Sheriff’s Office, as well as providing specialized training to other agencies in the Southeast Texas region through the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Training Academy.  Training is provided by staff instructors and is augmented by associate and guest instructors.  The delivery o f training is divided into Entry-Level, In-Service, and Specialized Training.

 Organizational Structure

The Training Division is directed by Training Coordinator, Captain Dennis Marlow.  He is tasked with the development and implementation of all training.   To assist him in this endeavor is Lt. Joseph Hargrave and training secretary Charlene Guest.  A total of fifteen Sheriff’s Office employees actively teach as certified instructors.  The Training Division is located organizationally within the Support Division.


The Training Academy is located at 205 South Border St. in Orange, Texas.  All in house training occurs between here and the John Tarver Law Enforcement Training Facility of Orange County, located behind the Veteran’s Administration offices on FM 1442.  Both of these facilities offer access to specialized training aids to benefit all areas of law enforcement.  In 2009 the Training Division provided training to over 700 law enforcement personnel and correctional officers, totaling over 8000 training hours.

 Outdoor Firearms Range

 The Law Enforcement Training Facility of Orange County, is equipped with both indoor and outdoor classroom settings.  The facility also offers a variety of ranges for firearm qualifications.  Currently the facilities utilize a 25 yard pistol range, 50 yard shotgun range, and a 100 yard rifle range.  It also serves as an area for explosives and specialized weapons and tactical (SWAT) training.  This facility is also designed to serve as a back up for emergency operations in cases of a natural disaster.

 Use of Force Simulator

Laser Shot is a state of the art use, of force training simulator.  This computerized system utilizes the very latest technology, in digital and video display, used to train officers in shoot/don’t shoot situations.  The system is completely customizable and new scenarios can be created to continually provide updated and current training.

 In Service Training

The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement requires that all peace officers and corrections officers complete a set amount of continuing training hours every two years.  By operating the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Training Academy, it allows officers to receive required training locally, saving the citizen’s of Orange County valuable tax dollars.


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