The Patrol Division is dedicated to safeguarding the lives and property of the people we serve.  We shall do so with honor, veracity, and integrity, while continuously maintaining the confidence of the public, expressed through our professionalism.   We are intent on enhancing the quality of life in our communities by reducing the incidence and fear of crime, as we steadfastly protect the rights and freedoms of our citizenry.

The Patrol Deputies are primarily first responders to emergencies, disturbances, criminal activities in progress, and conducting preliminary criminal investigations. The Patrol Division is responsible for the protection of life, liberty, and personal property in Orange County. It is comprised of four rotating shifts, each with a Sergeant, Corporal, and four Deputies.  The geographical landscape of Orange County is divided into four zones, with relatively similar amounts of land area and population in each zone.  According to the 2000 census, there were approximately slightly over 40,000 people living in the unincorporated areas of Orange County, which is primarily the areas outside all city limits that Sheriff’s Deputies patrol.