ASAP Program

What is ASAP?

Who we are:
The Assistance, Stabilization and Prevention (ASAP) team is a collaborative effort between the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and Spindletop Center Mental Health Services with specific emphasis on working with individuals with mental illness.

What is our purpose?
ASAP was designed to be a collaborative effort between law enforcement and mental health professionals to identify, engage, and provide services to individuals who have been diagnosed with serious and persistent mental illness. Often these individuals have had frequent encounters with local law enforcement and the judiciary system. Our goal is to avert outcomes such as potentially avoidable inpatient admissions in settings including psychiatric hospitals and state behavioral health facilities; to avert disruptive and deleterious events such as criminal justice system involvements; promote wellness and adherence to behavioral health treatments; and to promote recovery in the community.

What we do:
• Our team checks on the wellbeing of individuals who have mental illness and are frequent users of hospitals and other public services and provide services to those individuals.
• Our team acts as liaisons between Spindletop Center and individuals, hospitals and law enforcement/judicial systems.
• If necessary, our team can request mental health warrants.
• Our team may respond to crisis situations, but they primarily work in the realm of prevention.

If you or someone you know needs assistance for a mental health crisis, call our helpline at
800-937-8097, or complete the referral below: